Wood Pellet Machine

Making wood pellets on a small wood pellet machine is an advanced process than making standard fire wood yet if you know exactly how to make wood pellets as well as have the right tools it’s not that difficult.

wood pellet machine

What you will require is a wood pellet machine and also raw material. Pellets can be made from lots of forms of biomass such as timber, straw, corn stalks, lawn clippings, as well as leaves just to name a few. The procedures for all these materials are comparable.

The raw material will first have to be minimized in dimension with a chipper or hammer mill till the pieces are little adequate to suit the passes away of your wood pellet machine. If you are using fine sawdust this step may not be required.

The following action is to dry out the product. For the best high quality pellets your material should be at about 10% – 20% wetness web content. For the very best high quality pellets the moisture content must be 15%. The lower the dampness the much more efficient the pellet will certainly melt. But the material requires a certain quantity of dampness for the pellet making process.

For some products you will certainly have to add binders such as vegetable oil in order to bind the pellet together. Yet with numerous materials like softwoods they have sufficient all-natural lignins to bind the pellet.

Next a roller will certainly roll across the material with excellent pressure and also press the material via the dies. The dies are channel designed openings that taper down to the dimension of the completed pellets. The stress of requiring the product via the passes away develops heat that melts the lignins and other binders. These binders act like an adhesive that will hold the pellet with each other.

wood pellet machine

Now that the pellets are created they will require to be cooled. The most basic method to cool them is to spread them out and permit them to cool down naturally.

It’s a straightforward process to make timber pellets on a little wood pellet machine and with little range pellet mills currently homeowners can make their very own pellets or perhaps make a profit selling them. Just about any type of wood pellet machine will make pellets yet you will certainly need the right understanding in order to make high quality pellets that will certainly function effectively in your pellet oven.

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