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TSM NEWS – Match Pulls Its Alexa Skill Giving Controversial Dating Tips

Greetings Slackers! September Man here with another article I wanted to share with you and this is over on Android Headlines Match Pulls Its Alexa Skill Giving Controversial Dating Tips And this is written by Dominik Bosnjak Online dating service Match

com pulled its Alexa skill for Amazon’s Echo speakers and other compatible devices less than 48 hours following its Wednesday launch and shortly after it became clear the service meant to provide users with dating tips delivers advice that many may find controversial No communication on the matter has been provided by the company but both the official page of the Match skill for Alexa and the original announcement of the service published on the Dallas, Texas-based company’s website have been removed as of Friday morning PST And keep in this mind this was ya know about maybe two weeks ago around this time now The skill itself provided general dating tips but also covered advice about sexual interactions, with this particular aspect of the solution being the origin of the controversy surrounding it Inquiries about whether to have intercourse on the first date were often met with tongue-in-cheek responses such as “only if you must,” as were questions on how many drinks to have, to which the skill suggested a user’s alcohol consumption should be inversely proportional to the level of attractiveness of their date

Ha ha ha Even though they use gender-neutral pronouns, all of the controversial answers provided by the service suggest Match was originally targeting a female audience and primarily meant for its solution to deliver jokes and not advice, though the official description of the skill isn’t indicative of that assumption The cached version of the now-removed Amazon page detailing the Alexa service claims the skill will allow users to go on their first date “feeling prepared, confident, and ready to dive into Cuffing Season” Regardless of Match’s promises, the skill was swiftly criticized for trivializing the concept of consent which it couldn’t understand, while the discrepancy between its capabilities and official description could have also negatively affected an impressionable audience, critics argued It’s presently unclear how many users downloaded the skill and what kind of checks and testing the service was subjected to before launching Match may clarify the situation in the coming days but the development may mark an early end to its Alexa-related ambitions or at the very least make its first skill unlikely to return in any shape or form

The company is still distributing its Match Dating App for Singles through the Amazon Appstore, the tech giant’s alternative to the Google Play Store Now that's pretty funny and you gotta wonder where's it sourcing it's content Theres a lot of advice out there A lot of great advice out there, there's also some bad advice out there So the fact that this voice assistant can now provide so called dating tips

Hmmm, the possibilites that the future holds Uh while I am not personnally for voice assistants and wouldn't use, A Alexa or Google Home speech recognition type device, some of you out there do! And my question to you is, is this something that you would use to get and extract dating tips off of Ya know, have you asked your voice assistance for dating advice before? How did it work out, was it good advice or not? Leave all that for me down in the comment section below The link to this article will be down in the description box And as always that's gonna do it for this article and this video I'll catch you, in the next one! Did you enjoy this video and find it informative? Subscribe to The Slackers Method! And click on the bell icon next to the subscribe button to receive all the latest notifications for when I upload new videos!

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