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FB Live Afton Alps Speed Dating

Hey guys happy Valentine's Day April Davis here coming to you live from Afton, Elms I'm just here We're shooting something Oh, there's a fatality behind me if you can hear him, but that's not me making those funny noises But anyway this this Saturday We are having an event out here for singles chairlift […]

FB Live Modern Day Dating Preview Kare 11

Hi there I'm April Davis with luma luxury matchmaking, and I'm just getting ready We're going to be heading in here shortly to kare 11 So if you're in Minnesota make sure you check out to kare 11 at four o'clock today Because I'm going to be doing an interview and just talking about modern […]

Dating Someone Flaky? FB Live

Hi there April Davis with luma luxury matchmaking so you went on a day with someone and you really liked them, but then you went home, and you text them or you tried calling them the next day and It took a while to get a response so right away you think oh, they don't […]