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Callin’ Collin: Dating Advice

♪♪ ♪♪ I'm Collin I'm 11 I wrote an advice column for my school, and it must've been good because now I have a podcast and the rest is history as they say and such You're watching "Callin' Collin" Let's do this [bad beatboxing] Hey, you called "Callin' Collin" What's up what's up? Uh, hi […]

Why You Intimidate Men | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

– Hey, this is Matt Boggs, and today we're gonna talk about why you are intimidating to men You're the woman who, men have probably told you that they're intimidated by you, you're the women where, your friends or your family are saying "the reason why you haven't met that special someone is because you're […]

Why Don’t Guys Ask Me Out? | Christian Dating Advice

Hey girls! Tiffany dawn here, and I have pulled my hubby James back into this video He's so kind He's on his lunch break for work right now, eating and I asked him if he would just kind of chat with us So um basically this video is for girls like me, who when I […]

Can an IDEALIST ever find THE ONE? Dating Advice – Dreams Around The World

So if you are an idealist type that could be an ENFP infp ENFJ infj there's a very good chance that you are way too hard on yourself and with being hard on yourself comes nosov being hard on other people and that is the topic for today's video which is based on a question […]

Beautiful Ukrainian Women Give Online Dating Advice To Find A Bride In Ukraine

What is the maximum age difference that would be acceptable to you between you and your husband? Well, my ex-husband was 21 years older than me so the age difference doesn’t really mean anything for me the main thing is to be understood when you have trust and understanding, nothing else matters really whether he’s […]

By the way, High School Dating Advice

D: Hi everybody! Today we're gonna be talking about relationships D: I know, I know, I know- S: -No you don't D: Why can't we talk about something fun D: But this will be fun! Because right now we're just about to listen to what Stephen has to say about relationships D: Go ahead, Stephen […]