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Let’s Talk Sex And Virginity | Sex talk 1 | Dating Tips 2018

Well, I grew up Change your thinking, country will change Is there love not love? Is there sex not sex? Because that's they will become 'real men' Before marriage? Absolutely No! She is a woman not clarified butter or not real men who has ruined her family name unlike a woman's virginity is not as […]

14 Types Of Guys On Tinder | Tinder In India | Dating Tips 2018

and we are talking Tinder again! I love making videos related to online dating because you guys have given me an amazing response to all of them In case, you somebody who hasn't seen those videos I will link the entire online dating playlist somewhere here or here, so make sure you check it out! […]

How To Deal With A Break-Up | Dating Tips 2018

Nobody likes to deal with a heart-break It's a difficult and painful process But sometimes, it can get confusing and weird because people say things like: I know, we should cry but don't waste your tears for that idiot Save them for someone special Alchol and a couple of cigarettes and you'll get over with […]

Types Of Girls On Tinder | Tinder In India | Dating Tips 2018

Sometime back I made a video about Types of Guys On Tinder and in that video I promised that I will make a video about types of girl and here I am, fulfilling that promise, if you haven't seen the previous video, make sure you watch it, it's the funniest video on my channel I […]