Quick Dating Tips – How to Ask Someone Out on a Date?

Quick Dating Tips – How to Ask Someone Out on a Date? When you like someone, you would probably ask them for a date Men have practised this as long as we know but for women, asking a man for a date is becoming increasingly common

Ever wonder what is the right way of asking someone out for a date? Wonder no more and just follow these quick dating tips Decide the reason you are asking them out, is it for the right reasons and what do you expect as a result of them saying yes or no? Be prepared that the person you ask may say no and if that happens, do not take the rejection personally When asking someone out choose your timing carefully and practice what you plan to say in advance so that you don’t appear tongue-tied If the person you ask says yes, make sure you already have planned of a place, date and time for the date so that you display signs of thoughtfulness Be prepared that the person may ask why you want to date them so that you are able to flatter and create a sense of trust immediately

People can be cautious and they may want to know reasons behind your request Better still, anticipate this by saying “would you like to come to dinner, I have always thought you are great fun” Make sure that your request for a date does not pressurize the person in any way

If they want to think about it, give them time to think But don’t chase or pressure them Make sure that you smile when you ask someone on a date and keep things fun and happy Being confident and smiley will show a far more positive response Always have an alternative date and time or location in mind should the person be unsure of their diary

Giving a person a choice is often a better marketing method If the person says no, don’t chase for a reason, simply move on They may think about it and get back to you with a yes response later If you ask someone on a date, make sure that you really plan to go through with it Standing people up is not allowed

If you are being asked out don’t play games If you need time to think about the offer then say so If you want to say no, say no But do not keep someone waiting for no reason You wouldn’t like the situation if it was reversed

Try to avoid dutch-courage such as using alcohol to boost your courage levels as this will often backfire badly Don’t ask someone out when they are in a group of friends Timing is important Now that you have learned the tips, you can now confidently ask someone out for a date!

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