Hi hello my friends welcome back to my channel solo soul and this is Hansel today I'm gonna mostly talk about Korean dating culture compared to finish dating culture as I have no many experiences in Finland I might be wrong in some details so if I'm wrong Please tell me in the comments down below, and if you're from the other countries Please tell me how it is there as it is really interesting topic I think in Korea Before being a couple and after being a couple That's pretty much distinct compared to Finland as we have Confession thing so before being real couple

We call each other Girlfriends and boyfriend we don't really have physical affection even though hug but mostly people see what kind of Person he or she is and see how your emotion goes this face is called "some" nowadays It didn't really have that name But like four or five years ago people named it "some" it basically means that there's something between you two guys You text and go out dinner together, and you go see movies together But there's no physical affection, but some people say they hold their hands in this space But you're not really sure he or she likes you or not because you don't really talk about your Relationship, yet This period can long like two weeks or shorter or longer But through this period one is gonna say that, "actually I like you Do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? And then if the other say yes to this, then they become a couple Okay guys

Let me interrupt bit here while I was editing this video I got to doubt about is what I think about Korean dating culture is true or am I the only one who thinks the other people think that way? So I wanted to interview my acquaintances to show you guys how the other people think like the other YouTubers do but I wanted them to be honest, so I made an anonymous questions about this issue and it turned out to be reaching Friends of friends of my friends and 103 people answer to these questions Which I don't think I can call this formal survey, so it's not gonna be representing all Korean thoughts, and I'm not a professional Statistician so please know this It's not gonna be accurate, but I thought it'd be better than just sharing only my thoughts, so yeah! Thankfully, 52 women and 51 men answered The age was from 19 to 36 years old in Korean age, and I wish I could also hear some opinions from older generation But I couldn't reach them, okay, so eighty four point five percent of them said they become couple after the confession process And they actually do physical affection before couple status including holding hands hugging and kissing sorry for what I said before But only thirty seven point nine percent of them say they can have sex when you see someone seriously It's a situation with one-night stands or sex partners and only one percent said Having sex is necessary to decide whether you want to be with somebody or not, so

let's get back to where we were but in Finland you can date somebody without making any commitment you just naturally start to date, to go out dinner together, and You can even sleep together in this space without calling each other girlfriend or boyfriends And there's a moment that you're seriously talking about your relationship So what do you think of our relationship? Um I think we are girlfriend and boyfriend? Yeah? Okay But nothing much is gonna change because you guys have been doing what the other couples do, but from now on you guys cannot Have any other partners, and if you do It's called cheating, so having this physical relationship without being couple That's not that common in Korea

There are some people who do One-night stand or have sex partner, but it's not that natural Face to be real serious couple In Finland after agreeing on moving on to the next serious relationship, You can also move in together I mean living together as well and what you can have baby without marriage? Okay, so this was another culture shock for me Most Finnish couples, They live together and they can also break up after living together as well and around me I have so many couples who have been living together more than four or five years And there is one couple who has a baby without marriage too In Korea, there are a few couples They live together before marrying, Or, They don't tell people they live together Because they think that the other people look at them badly or something, but nowadays, I think, there are various opinions about this among younger generations

Some people say it's more reasonable to live together because it's not wasting money and It's good to see if it goes well with each other, but most older Generation, like my parents' generation, they think this is not right and they think that the other People see that bad because in their generation having sex was really a big deal Especially For a woman and also the other reason I think is that people live with their parents before marriage So they're not independent because we don't really get Supports from government to be independent from our Parents after being adult, too, so I think that's one reason And from my questions People also mentioned that they think there's a bad perception about living together in Korea that they live with their parents that has not been commented to social structures and so on I think in Korea people become a couple in a campus We call it "CC" campus couple from your University And I think you can also mean random people from a bar or a pub which I don't think that's common in Korea And you can become a couple after being really good friends But I want to talk about this "meeting" or "sogaeting (소개팅)" culture in Korea "Sogaeting" is just like a blind date But I think it's really common in Korea like When you see your group chat there are a bunch of guys or girls there

They're asking you like, "Hey! Do you have any girls or boys you can just give me a 'sogaeting' with?" And meeting culture is when you get to university And when you're newbie in university you will get a lot of meetings There are some people who matches this university and that university and you guys are going to meet like five to five or four to four or three to three meetings, and it's gonna be really fun you guys drink together and Just there are some couple games or something and you guys get to know each other and if you guys like each other you can just share your phone number and contact more and then get a couple and I heard this meeting thing also exists in a company like there are some people who match this company and the other company and they have meeting I heard this from my friends who are already getting a company and working And I don't really know about tinder because I've never used that but there are another dating application that you can use in Korea, and I think most people are just looking for a one-night stand partner But I don't know nowadays people also use that for real serious relationship as well But I don't think this is that common because I've never seen any couple who matches by this kind the Application in Korea, but I don't know how it is in Finland Do you guys use that for a serious relationship, or do you guys look for just shallow relationship? Tell me in the comment down below so that is a wrap Thank you for watching, and if you guys have any questions, or have any ideas or opinions, please comment down below I Think I'm gonna make another video about this relationship thing with my friend Mia Who is a Finnish girl so yeah? Thank you for watching and see you in the next episode! Bye!

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