I Catfished On Dating Apps To Get Attention From Boys

So, me and my friend were sitting in the gym and it was towards the end of the year we decided, you know, to play a little joke guys we didn't know So we decided to make the fake KIK account and set the profile picture as a girl we didn't know

She was a model I know nobody really knew her because she wasn't that famous And a lot of guys started rolling in like, "Wow you're gorgeousHey, can I get your numberwhat's your name beautiful?"Things that you know guys has never said to me I enjoyed it you knowSo I was like, "hey let's continue doing this" So we continued doing it just playing jokes throughout the whole school day And it was time to go home so we just stopped When I got home, I'm like "Hey let me make a new account" I can get that attention because I enjoyed the attention that I got when I was there my friend

So I made the account and I started talking with guys I didn't know, started lying about my age, telling them I was 16 or 17 when I was really 13 A couple months later, my Mom went through my phone and she caught the messages, and she was asking me, "why wouldyou do this you are only 13

you don't need to be doing stuff like this!" She yelled at me "RAH, RAH, RAH!" I got grounded and my phone got taken away from me A couple months later I got my phone back and I promised myself that I wouldn't get back on KIK Unfortunately I did get back on KIK and I did catfish still

I did get a lot of graphic messages They were all very inappropriate Some asked how old I was Of course I lied, I told when I was 17 Then I got caught again my ninth grade year My Mom busted me

She was like, "Why are you still doing this, this is creepy, you shouldn't be using other pictures of a girl you don't know" I didn't want her to tell her the real reason of why I did this I kept it to myself You know it's sad because like I used to be called ugly all the time And I don't want to cry or anything like that but like I used to get called UGLY all the time It's like sad because like I used to go to so much when I was young and stuff

Like I used to get jealous of my friends because they were so pretty they had boyfriends and stuff and I was like wait wait wait for so long to find someone will who love me for me Years later I realize that you don't have to prove to anybody that you're pretty you don't need the attention I mean you can get the attention from a guy who actually loves you for you not a guy who wants pictures from you or anything like that So I stopped towards the end of 9th grade year, I have high self confidence and yeah that's my story thank you Thank you to audible for sponsoring this video we're big fans of audible because as you know we love stories and audible has a huge selection of audiobooks to listen to

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