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How to STOP the Insanity of Dating Disappointment

– Hey there It's Kim Sarasin, the Queen of Hearts

And today we are going to look at how to stop the insanity of dating disappointment So this something that I come across quite a bit in my coaching practice with clients And it's like love is so crazy making It can– if a guy doesn't call back or if it seemed to be going well and then he ghosts or disappears all of a sudden, that can really have an impact on your heart, on your confidence, and it can just be a disaster And what happens when we experience a setback in dating or even in relationship is that, that starts to really play with our mindset

We start to go down the rabbit hole of lowering our bar, compromising, and it really chips away at our self-worth and self esteem I don't know why I'm having a hard time talking today So I want to help you stop this insanity So this is something that I share with my clients And what it's called is knowing the difference between true and false guidance, okay

So false guidance, I call it kind of my inner mean girl And it's your inner mean girl too So this is where all the negative self talk lives And it usually has the word should attached to it So in other words, I should be doing this or I should be saying this or I should be attracting great guys all the time

Anything that you're saying in your head or out loud that has the word should attached to it, that's false guidance That's not guidance that you want to be listening to And how you'll feel it in your body is that your solar plexus will feel very constricted So anything that's happening in that area is all false guidance, and you don't want to be following it So what's true guidance? How do you know when it happens? Well, true guidance, it feels like a warm hug, okay

True guidance is kind to you And there's no judgment attached to it whatsoever There's no should It's almost like true guidance comes in like a soft, gentle thought cloud And it's kind to you

It's gentle with you It's never being mean to you So it's such an important thing for you to be distinguishing because I find when I work with clients on their true and false guidance and get them really tapped into only listening to the true guidance, that it's just can be such a game changer because what it helps you do is it helps you step back and observe yourself So that's what I want you to do When you're having– when you've just experienced a setback, I want you to just take a breath and ask yourself is this true or false guidance

Okay? So that's one thing And then the other thing is I want to recommend a book And it's actually not a dating and relationship book at all It's Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now And I'm telling you, I read that book over a weekend from front to back

And this was probably maybe 17 years ago I don't know When the book first came out It was long time And I took the weekend to read this book

And I didn't remember anything that the book said, but man was I ever present by the time I finished it All of sudden, I just locked into being present And the reason that I'm mentioning that is because when you're fully present, when you know how to be present in the company of a man, that is when your best self shines And it's also a tool to keep you out of all the crazy making thoughts that can go on So that when you're experiencing a setback, it can roll off your back

So I highly recommend getting that book Now I want to do a shameless plug I'm actually working on my own book And fingers crossed, hopefully publishing towards the end of this year or in January So I'll be letting you know when I've got that coming out

But in the mean time, I highly recommend The Power of Now because when you're present, that's when you can really tap into your own inner queen energy and not your inner mean girl Okay, so that's my tips for today I hope you enjoyed them Be sure leave comments I love hearing from you

And if there's any way I can support you, certainly let me know, send me a private message, whatever you want to do Okay Have a beautiful day Bye for now

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