How to Get Noticed by Men | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Mat: Oh, hello How are you doing? I just noticed you there

You are beautiful Yeah, that's right Oh, you know, hold on, I'll call you back Hi How are you doing? Oh my gosh

Excuse me just a moment What's your name? I saw you from the corner of my eye I have to talk to you now So, how can you get noticed by men? How can you dial up the attention that you're receiving from men? That's what we're going to be talking about today and this actually came in from a client of mine who had a brilliant insight that I want to share with you So, how can you receive attention from men? Well, there's a universal principle called the law of receiving

So, how do you activate the law of receiving? The law of receiving is activated, interestingly enough, by giving And you and I both know this, is that what you put out there, you get back And so what this client said, she goes, "Oh my gosh I'm just realizing this" She says, "I have amazing friendships in my life

I have joy in my life I have financial " She's successful

She's a professional woman She goes, "I have financial success in my life And I notice in each of these categories, I'm generous and I give in those categories I tithe money I give to charities and I have financial abundance

I give my joy to my fiends I give joy to the world, and I have more joy in my life I give friendship to other people easily and I receive friendship" But, she said, "I'm not receiving interest from men and then I realize, I am being very stingy with showing interest in men" And therefore, men aren't showing interest back to her

I thought that was a brilliant insight, because often times when it comes to dating and relationships, we will treat it like this Someone will be looking at a fireplace, and they want heat from that fireplace, and they'll say, "Look Give me heat and then I will give you some wood Give me heat Come on

Give me the heat and then I'll give you the wood Hey, you're not giving me any heat You're not getting any wood until you give me some heat" And we would look at a person doing that and think they were crazy And, yes, that's what we do in dating all the time

We say, "Hey, show me interest first and then I will show you interest Pay attention to me first and then I will pay attention to you" Where it's actually the opposite You want to receive interest and attention from men, start showing interest and attention to men and you're going to start receiving a whole nother level of interest from men I'm going to share with you three, easy strategies that you can do right now

Now, showing interest doesn't mean that you're coming across needy It doesn't mean that you're coming across desperate It's all in how you show your interest that communicates whether or not there's neediness or being desperate there In fact, showing interest takes a lot of confidence It takes a lot of courage and often really high value people are willing to be generous with their interest, rather than stingy with their interest

They're generous with their interest, because they know that if it doesn't work out, the person doesn't reciprocate, it's not going to be devastating to them So, it's a subconscious communication that you're high value, that you actually have a lot of options, if you're willing to share your interest So, I'm going to share with you right now three strategies for how to show your interest so that you can ignite interest from men Strategy number one is, make the first move Now, I know what you might be thinking

Mat, it's the man's job to make the first move I don't want to be masculine I shouldn't make the first move And let me just tell you, typically, women have been making the first move since the beginning of time Forever, women have been making the first move

Imagine the handkerchief, when the woman, back in the Renaissance era, would drop the handkerchief and the other man would see the handkerchief and sprint over and grab it and give it back to her and say, "Excuse me ma'am You dropped this" Women have always been making the first move and in today's world, it's even more appropriate for a woman to go ahead and make the first move It does not mean that you are masculine You can absolutely be feminine

So, make the first move online, by shooting him a message Make the first move offline by actually striking up a conversation with him and breaking the ice When you show interest in those two ways, you're going to be receiving a lot more interest from men Number two is eye contact Being generous with your eye contact

Now, each of these three strategies, let me just tell you, they're simple, but it doesn't mean they're always easy You might feel the fear You might need to step outside your comfort zone, but the life that is waiting, the life that you love, is on the other side of that comfort zone That's why the comfort zone is there, is to help us stretch beyond it so that we can expand and really live the life that you were meant to live So, showing eye contact means, being generous with that

If you see a cute guy, look at him Let him catch you looking at him Smile at him Hold that eye contact to the point where it's uncomfortable And way more often than not, he's going to reciprocate

He's going to smile back to you He's going to come up and talk to you And you can absolutely, it's a wonderful, feminine thing to do, is shoot that eye contact his way, ignite him, invite him over to come talk to you and then you've just ignited interest Now, before I give you the third strategy, I want to tell you a gift that I have for you, because once you get attention from men and they ask you out, they're going to exchange phone numbers and then you're going to start texting So, I've created a texting guide to help guide you through the texting process and give you exactly what to say to men

I'm going to link it up in the video here, and then also in the description below It's a free gift It's an ebook I've written for you to support you in your love life So, after the video, go and click that link You can get that free gift

It's a gift from me to you Now, the third strategy for getting noticed by men is to break the professional barrier Here's what I mean There are men in your life that you might be colleagues with or you might network with or maybe it's a hot doctor that you see and it's a professional setting, and you can sense the electricity between the two of you You know what I'm talking about

There's like this charge between you You get along You laugh You have this amazing conversation, but he's not asking you out So, how can you give him permission to ask you out? How can you show interest in that way? I'm going to give you a great line for how to do this

Here's what you say You say, "You know what? We get along way too well for us not to be hanging out more" And I love that because it totally eliminates and highlights the fact that you guys connect, that you love talking to one another, that you guys jive with one another and you give him a softball permission to ask you out So, there you have it Three powerful strategies for how to get noticed, how to ignite attention in men

If you want to ignite attention from men, if you want to be noticed, be generous with your attention versus stingy with your attention, and you're going to see how much you get noticed in life go way up And then my question for you is this, what strategies do you use to get noticed by men? Go ahead and post a comment in the comment section below I love checking out your comments The insights that get posted down there are absolutely brilliant, and if you're not subscribed to this channel, take a moment, click the subscribe button and click the little bell, so you get notifications, because we post videos each and every week for how to expand the love in your life How to understand men and how to help you attract the relationship that you would love

So, thanks so much for watching I'll see you soon

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