Graphite Pipe

Graphite has great chemical resistance and is utilized for the construction of unique chemical plants such as warmth exchanger.

CFCCARBON LTD has special graphite pipe for heat exchangers, and the top quality is proveed by clients, as well as the cost is low.

Graphite will create carbides with B, Si, V, Fe, Mo, W and also Ta. Oxidizing gases such as oxygen (> 150C), air (> 250C) as well as vapor (> 300C) will assault graphite as well as such media can be made use of to produce triggered carbon. An even more graphitic carbon with fewer active sites will certainly be much less energetic.

Graphite responds to form intercalation substances when the substance evters in between the graphite layer airplanes, requiring them apart, although home heating tends to eliminate the entire intercalated product, when the graphite goes back to its normal kind. Although the layer airplanes are pressed apart, the distance between the carbon atoms within a sheet stays unchanged. Fluid potassium can create C8K and also C16K with the interlayer spacing enhanced from 0.335 to 0.54 nm.

Sulfuric acid with nitric acid also is a solid oxidizing representative and forms a purple-blue bisulfate, C24+(HSO4)-(H2SO4)2, swelling the graphite (intumescing) with an interlayer spacing of 0.798 nm. This process can be made use of to detoxify graphite and also to make graphite aluminum foil as well as colloidal graphite. Greater than sixty halides are understood to intercalate graphite. Such as FeCl3 at 180C, which gives an interlayer spacing of 0.94.

Home heating with strong oxidizing blend of potassium chlorate/nitric acid/sulfuric acid, graphite forms what can be labelled graphite oxide, when oxygen and also hydrogen are used up to give an green-brown product C8O2(OH)2 (where the majority of the hydrogen remains in the form of water) with an interlayer spacing of 0.6-1.1 um.

Graphite Pipe

See over the chart: Variant of the resistivity at high temperature of numerous qualities graphite material. Please note the quality name and its material kinds: CS-extruded graphite, PGS-molded graphite, ATJ-fine grain graphite.

CFCCARBON LTD is the top producer of graphite material as well as items in china, with steady and also reputable quality. Our material: Moled graphite, isostaitc graphite, resonance graphite, extruded graphite, mechanical graphite and also carbon brush products. Products: machined graphite parts, graphite pipes, mechanical seal as well as bearing, carbon brushes as well as graphite bipolar plate.

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