FB Live Afton Alps Speed Dating

Hey guys happy Valentine's Day April Davis here coming to you live from Afton, Elms I'm just here

We're shooting something Oh, there's a fatality behind me if you can hear him, but that's not me making those funny noises But anyway this this Saturday We are having an event out here for singles chairlift speed-dating and I would love to see y'all come out because I'm gonna be matching people up sending them up the chairlift together And then they can decide if they want to come back down together or go somebody else you know Ashton all kinds of action behind me, but anyway come out Saturday 2:00 o'clock is registration I'll be pairing you up and then we're gonna have s'mores and drinks and bonfire and just lots of fun so We have we were expecting over a hundred people so come check it out the Saturday at F Denotes Thanks much seal it

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