Does Kissing Equal Dating? | Just One Bite | Season 1 – EP.01 Pilot

Get home safely Okay, you too

Bye I'm going to eat too Have you had lunch yet? (I'm making ramen right) (I'm making sandwich right now

) (I'm making sandwich right now) Why isn't he asking me out when he's already kissed me? Girls, let's get NakGobSae! The super spicy one! (Guys, let's get NakGob

Sae! The super spicy one!) (Just One Bite) This looks good! Hey! Finished? Put your hand closer, make it look natural Are you done now? Did you get a new foundation? Yeah, the new one from the shopping mall I thought I had warm undertones but I had cool undertones Such a shocker What? (Single since birth, Hee Sook) What's the difference? You should come along with me

Chan Hyuk's friend works there (In a relationship for 4 years, Soo Ji) Yeah, sounds good! I've wanted to change it up too! Woo Kyung is lighter than me (Has feelings for Woo Kyung, Eun Seong) Maybe we should have ordered spiciness level 4 My tongue's going to drop off It's spicy, but so good! Deliciously spicy

So what is it? What ticked you off so much that made you want to come here? Excuse me! One soft drink please! So I finally kissed -Woah -Wow -You kissed Woo Kyung? -You guys dating? Big news! Big news! Wait! Let me finish So we kissed

before we would actually start dating with each other There are many couples that kiss first before dating Give me some

Yeah! Hee Jeong even spent a night together before dating Way to go, Eun Seong! By the way, I saw her SNS and it seems she got a nose job -Me too, she's a total hottie -Yeah! I know right? -Should I do it too? -No, not you Girls! But he hasn't even asked me out

What? Exactly! What do I make of this? He hasn't asked you out yet? When did you guys kiss? So yesterday, we went for a drink near school -Just the two of you? -Yeah We were talking about crazy professors and what not Cut to the chase, I'm curious All right, let's skip all that

I got drunk beyond belief Totally drunk Woo Kyung said he'll help me get home No! That's when you are supposed to make history happen and ask him to find a warm place to stay for a bit Oh, stop it you

Oh, you and your mouth So we walked home together Woo Kyung was giving me that sweet look Aww, how romantic! And then? We kissed! The deep kind of kiss Be happy! -You did it! You've done it! -Way to go! Hey, that's a done deal

Yeah, but the thing is it's literally done There's no more to it, done! Yeah, it's really cold today

Look at this! Nothing has changed between us Hasn't he asked you to a date or anything like that yet? He won't make any plans with me Even the way he speaks to me sounds colder now What if he has other girls besides you? -Hey! -Hee Sook! So what if it goes something like this

He saw you get home, drunk (Mother1, Mother2, Mother3) (Mother4) Yeah, hey Sun Yung

the study group meeting finished just now What a total scum! So where are you? I miss you Yeah

Honestly this can't be right This is because you haven't been in a relationship yet Usual cause of misunderstanding is the unfortunate timing So, it's not the right time to start dating? No, that's not it What if he missed the moment to ask you out? So, the original plan was, after kissing you

-he takes out the flowers -Nope There wasn't anything remotely close to flowers there Okay, no flowers Get home safely You too

Right at that moment, as you were walking away He meant to ask you out! The thing is But, you were too drunk! So he decided to do it later

That makes even less sense If he meant it, he would have done it a long time ago That wasn't his only chance That's right He would've at least hinted it

Maybe It's not like Woo Kyung to ignore it like this What if Hee Sook is right? And he has other girls too? What am I to him? This octopus? Tripe? Shrimp? What if I'm only this octopus to him? If that's true, then

You chew them all for good! Do you know anyone close to him? Can't you tell them to ask if you guys are in a relationship? It could end up being really embarrassing though -You guys want to add some rice? -Yeah Obviously! -Three? -Two, I'm on a diet

Two bowls of fried rice, please! With cheese! With cheese! You said you were on a diet With cheese, please! Or, can't you just ask him directly? Or ask him out yourself! It doesn't always have to be the guy that asks a girl out Gender equality, right? Just ask him out yourself! Just do it! No way! I'm too much of a coward Should I? Just do it? (Yeah, it's really cold today) (Woo Kyung do you have

) Eun Seong, do you have time? You scared me What happened? This is it, isn't it? Definitely Do you have your eyeliner? How's my hair? Soo ji

thank you so much! -Go now! -Yeah Let us know! Sorry to leave! I love you girls! Message me the bill -You can do it! -Good luck! I can do it! Hey

We had something salty Want to go for something sweet? Ice cream? Heck yeah! Sorry So

what is it? You wanted to tell me something? Should I do it first? Me? Yes, I'll do it! Woo Kyung About yesterday Yeah, about that Last night, my emotions got the better of me and

And? I might have made a mistake Mistake? Our kiss was a mistake? -So, what is this mistake -To ask you out I shouldn't have asked you out while I was so drunk So you asked me out Huh? I asked you out with the help of alcohol I must have seemed so awkward and pitiful to you Eun Seong you doofus! Of all the things to forget So I thought I should do it a bit more formally Will you go out with me? Eun Seong! Yes Yes! Of course! Absolutely, yes! Oh right

Tada! Woah! What is this? Remember? You mentioned it yesterday Of course I remember! It's so pretty Thank you, Woo Kyung (Just One Bite) (Deliciously spicy, Your lips) (Just One Bite) Thank you! Thanks for the good food! Hah, I knew it! What is it? He confessed, but she just didn't remember! Seriously Eun Seong? So what did she say? She doesn't remember She's only remembering the embarrassing moments

Of all the things to forget? The best moment? I know, right? I can't believe it either Oh look, ice cream Let's go, let's go I'm so drunk Hey Eun Seong Eun Seong -Eun Seong Hah! -No! Why aren't you asking me out? I I really like you But, I'm too scared to say it So couldn't you do it? Or not Me too! I want something like that too! Holding hands like this! And even kiss each other

I want to do all that too I really like you! You don't even know how I feel (Soju) Let's go Eun Seong I'll walk you home Wait

Uh Eun Seong The thing is, I've never felt this way towards anyone

So, I got a bit more cautious So you won't feel uncomfortable Or worry that it might be too early So I ended up Being this way

I'm getting sidetracked Honestly, the thing iswhen I slipped Let's start dating

Eun Seong

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