hello guys in this video I'm going to give you advice on relationships asks them on Facebook and Twitter to send me the questions they had about relationships and you sent me the questions they had in relation to relationships so I'm going to read them up and give them some advice technically, I only talk about that today the first question comes from scott wilson, which says: "how do you ask to leave a girl that you can not stop thinking about but what are you afraid of asking Could it affect the entire friendship relationship? " I know how it feels to be obsessed by someone and when you can not stop thinking about the person but, basically, one of the things that you have to keep in mind is that if you never say anything, you will be thinking about what could have happened if you never tell him anything, How will you know what would have happened? and you may miss the opportunity So, you should take this opportunity to be with her and tell her that you like and find out if he likes her if she does not want a romantic relationship you just have to tell him you do not want this to affect your friendship and treat it with respect and everything should go well "What is the best way to overcome a break?" I would recommend that you stay at home and that you eat a lot of chocolate ice cream I'm just kidding– do not do that– seriously, eat healthily because it's good for your health, keep a mind positive and you do not eat a lot of junk food I think you should do things like go out with your friends and talk about how you feel with others and let your emotions out or maybe looking for a new partner in tinder or something like that that would be something simple that you could do it would be something nice at least you could look for someone else and that will make it easier for you find someone that is ideal for you so you do not worry too much because the person with which you broke was not right for you that relationship serves to show you who is not suitable for you someday you will find the right person "Should the beauty of a girl's face be important? or is it simply enough that he has a good character? " Well, I think it's great if a girl he cleans up well and strives to maintain a good image in his own way but it's better to focus on your personality and character because After all, you will have to spend time and talk to the person you choose you need a partner to take care of you and treat you well personality is what matters most It's no use staying with someone I ended up leaving you in truth that has happened to me before Well yes, you should look for someone I want to be by your side because it's the best kind of relationship there is Cameron asks: "How do I get to talk to you? to a pretty girl to whom I've never said anything? " I would say go ahead! do it with confidence look in the mirror and do exercises to improve the charisma as they do in the sims like "hello I'd like to talk to you" focus on increasing self-confidence and talk to him in the most pleasant and respectful way you can and be the best person you can When your personality shines, she will recognize it and he will love you of course you just have to talk to him increase your confidence in yourself and talk to him KS says: "Is it good to obsess over a pretty girl? As for you Marina?" awww how kind are you Yes, I think it's a good thing, why not? If that makes you happy, obsession! it makes you feel good, so keep going "How do I recover my ex girlfriend?" basically, I do not think you should try to go back with her If she has already left you it is time to move on There are a lot of fish in the sea so go fishing! Well, I'm vegan so I do not fish I would like to save the fish or put them some aquarium and keep them there forever or whatever grab that little fish and it will be yours forever I do not know

I'm talking about relationships, of course "How do I manage to confess to my boyfriend that his brother has made me pregnant? By the way, I'm two months old " !!!! I think you should confess it and end the relationship because obviously it's a very complicated situation– I can not believe that you get pregnant with your boyfriend's brother good luck have good luck in that truth I'm not sure what to tell you I'm just going to tell you that it's okay "Dear Marina Joyce, in a relationship, how many months Should they pass before it is acceptable to fart in front of the couple? " that depends on the personality of your partner Is he a tolerant person? Is it the type of person that would accept your gases? xp sometimes I know that talking about this is very strange, but once in a while I missed a fart by accident and my boyfriend and I have not said anything in our relationship, we do not talk about farts who cares? when I thought about it, I never heard him fart that's a bit sad: '( "How to get a relationship?" be yourself, be a kind person Be a sincere person and express your feelings openly and you will get to get a couple try to keep a good look as you can and strive to make a good impression and whatever "How do you know if it's worth being with someone?" study the personality of the other person to determine if it is similar to yours if it is, you will be a compatible couple basically, I would recommend that you focus more on the personality instead of the appearance because it seems to me that a person's physical appearance does not determine If you are going to be a good couple "If my girlfriend tries to touch my ass, what should I do?" I'm not going to lie to you, I touch my boyfriend's butt all the time I'm not even kidding I'm a bit perverted I'm kidding, I'm not perverted at all but if I like to touch her ass I do not know exactly why but it's funny if she tries to touch you, let her why not? it's exciting and fun "How do you let someone know you like it without giving an odd impression?" basically, you should tell him that you like him and you want to be more than friends and do not complicate it tell him you want to be more than friends and that you would like to start a new stage in the relationship but if your friend is not ready for that, it's fine avérigua if your friend wants to talk more and solve it with you and maybe you will be together some day, hopefully you just have to try and see what happens Make the attempt! you should always take the opportunity to tell him in case you like the other person because you'll never know what could have happened if you do not try if you ask him, you can rest assured knowing that you have received a definitive answer and you will know for certain if you like it or not "How do you know if your partner cheats you? I love you so much btw " you'll know by how your partner behaves look for signs that you tell if it seems distant or disconnected from you or if you see it less and less frequently or if he tries to avoid you, you will know for sure that he deceives you well that was my video thanks for watching me if you liked the video, do not forget give me a like because it helps me a lot and remember to subscribe to my channel I upload a video every Thursday I upload videos every week click on the bell icon to receive notifications every time you upload a video I want to thank you very much for watching me bye

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