Dating: Then Vs. Now

(gentle upbeat music) – Jaz? – Oh my God, Harjit? – What? – How are you? – Good, it's been so long! – I know, what have you been up to? – You know, just chilling, how about you? – Yep, same, just chilling – I actually gotta go right now but do you wanna, like, grab a coffee one day? – Yeah, let me actually give you by number

Uh, just be careful when you call because my mom might pick up, so – Cool I'll see you soon? – Yeah! – A'ight! – Send now Harjit? – Jaz? – Oh my God, it's been forever! – I know! Do I have you on Instagram? – Dude, no, you gotta follow me It's Sincerely X Jaz

– Uh huh Perfect! I'll DM you – Yeah, DM me! – Okay! – Like my pictures! (dramatic music) – Yo, what's good? – Yo, what's good, bro — who was that? – Oh, just some random girl I'm in school with – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah – Yeah, yeah

– Yo, what's good? – Yo, what's up, man Who was that? – Isn't it obvious? That's my girl, man! – That's your girl? – Yes! – Since when? – Five minutes ago, B! – You are crazy, man – So I ran into Harjit and I gave him my phone number but I know nothing about him Do you know anything? – Girl So, the other day, – Mm hmm

– Stephanie's brother's girlfriend's aunt – Okay – Told her – What? – That she ran into him the other day and she was like, dude, he's pretty cool! – Okay, sweet! Oh, I'm so excited! – Yeah! – So I'm on his Instagram right now and he has approximately four pictures with four different girls! – Wow – I know, I'mma go stalk them So, can you check his Twitter, his LinkedIn and his MySpace? – Gotcha Wait No one uses MySpace

Why would I check it? – Girl, I don't care! Tell me if there's any girls on his Top Eight – Got it – Should we check his Facebook, too? Check his Facebook (phone ringing) Hello? – Hey, it's Harjit! – Hey, Harjit! How are you? – I'm good, just chilling How are you? – Mom? Mom, is that you? Mom! Get off the phone! So

Mom, I can hear you breathing Harjit, I'm gonna have to call you back, okay? (typing) (bouncy music) – Hey! – Hey, How are you? – Good, how are you? – Good! Um, question Do you have an iPhone charger I can use? My phone's, like, at 6%

– I do, but my phone is at, like, 4% and I like taking my Instagram stories like, all the time So, can I just use it? – I guess, yeah You can it's your charger – Yeah, cool, cool So I didn't know what you like but I found this sushi place I thought we could go there? – Oh, that's really sweet of you but I'm actually severely allergic to shellfish, so – Oh Well, I don't know anything else around here – It's fine! We can go back to your place Order a pizza

– Okay! I can do pizza! – Cool! – A'ight! So I was stalking you on Instagram and I found out that you love pasta, so I found an Italian restaurant down the street that has sick Yelp reviews! – That's so sweet! But honestly, I've had pasta, like four days in a row I'm so sick of it Do you wanna do, like, Mexican or something? – But I read an article on Google that says the Mexican food in this area sucks – No, no, no That's impossible, because I read an article on Google that said this area has the best Mexican food ever! – But wouldn't Mexico have the best Mexican food ever? – Do you wanna go back to your place and order pizza? – Let's do that

– Let's do So should we watch something? – Yeah! So, I have channels three to 25

I don't have 25 to 35, but I have 35 to 50 50 onwards, I have nothing But I have 122 – Do you have any movies? – Yeah, I have a bunch! But my DVD player's broken so we can't watch them – So, what do you wanna watch? – I don't know

Like, I got Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Youtube But there's nothing good on any of those – Yeah – Huh And here we are

– Well, thank you for driving me home – No problem! – I had such a good night – I did, too Do you want me to walk you to your door? – Yeah, sure – Cool

– Well, that was fun, thanks for having me – Yeah, for sure – Are you gonna drive me home? – Oh I actually called you an Uber Um, his name's Steven and he's gonna be here in three minutes

– Cool Thanks – Do you want me to walk you to the door? – Sure – Okay – Okay, bye! – Bye! – Oh my God, he hasn't called me in a whole week! Mom! Are you sure no one called yet? I'm gonna check the voicemail again

Come on, come on, come on Girl, Harjit hasn't called or texted me in the last seven days And, I was just on his Instagram, and he just liked four pictures That means he saw all of my messages No, I only messaged him, like, 20 times

That's normal Whatever I'm just gonna go stalk his profile one more time and then I'm over him He's so cute – That's what I'm saying, you gotta be nice for what, right? – Oh, yeah, true, true

Yo, how was your date? – It was okay, but she wasn't the one, though, that's the thing – Shit Yo, we'll go to the bar today – Okay – Find our soulmates

– Yeah? – Yeah – A'ight man, let's go! Jeez! – This way – We're going this way? – Yeah – Oh, cool, cool, let's go The thing about Jaz is, she's cool, but I wanna see if there's more fish in the sea, you know? – Oh, so you're saying you wanna get better girls tonight? – Yeah! – So you're saying we're gonna find the loves of our lives tonight? – Bro, hell yeah! – So you're saying we're gonna find our soulmate tonight! – Most def! – Alright, let's do it

– A'ight (gasp) Bro I just got a match I got Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Youtube – Just that youtwoTV channel – Oh, shit

True There is that channel – You should subscribe to them – I'm subscribed – Yeah, I'm subscribed, too

– I also have my notifications turned on – Yeah! – Just in case I miss an upload – That's good That's good – Because that's key

– That is key – Right? – Keys to success – And I always share their videos, like holy – Yeah Oh my God, I share every one of their videos

– Cause you gotta support – You gotta – You gotta support the cause – Have you seen their outro? – Their outro's sick – We should probably watch the outro right now – We should watch the outro right now

– Yeah – Let me just confirm that I am subscribed and notified – Yep – Perfect And

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