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Dating a German Woman tips. German Women Stereotypes

dating a German woman today I want to give you some basic tips that will help you to understand how to meet and how to conquer a lady in Germany fast everything I tell is just my own experience that I obtained during my living in such a beautiful country as Germany and today I'm gonna obviously talking not about German cars beer and sausages but I just want to dispel some myths and stereotypes because most of people think exactly about the same things when one speaks about Germany its culture and traditions if you are really interested with chairman women or girls dating you should definitely be yourself and sensor cuz the Germans especially do hate the liars you don't need to prove how cool or rich you are to make a German woman interested in you it's enough twenty minutes for her to make a weird conclusion about your persona so forget about playing their roles and ridiculous pickup lines everything you have to do is just kiss her on the first day that is the secret of success on the way of German women getting if you are open-minded and not bashful guy then you have million chances to embarrass the German woman especially when you kiss her suddenly on the first daily because as far I understood and the women and girls in Germany they do like surprises from men so it's very important not to be boring and monotonous guy but if you are going to marry chairman girl or even older woman then it will not be easy as you think first you have to work hard and put all the efforts on the way of your personality and social status improving I'm not talking the German women are gold diggers know exactly opposite I would say they do like to be independent from men making money on their own but if you are really interesting I mean your character skills to joke make her laughing at she will definitely consider you as a candidate of her future boyfriend or even a husband but don't hurry up to do and to promise everything to a girl you like because you need enough time to spend together before she will trust you German women are very clever and pragmatic typical woman will never change you because she actually feels good to live without relationships but it doesn't mean that they don't want to get married but they do but first you have to conquer her belief regarding you as a potential boyfriend after all West German women are completely different than those from Eastern part the only one common feature they have in their self possession when it comes to their relationships creating but if you are reliable and serious men who can also satisfy a woman sexually then I can shake your hand you are on the right way because a sexual life in Germany plays important very important role they like enjoying a life on maximum you will never meet any girl or woman who would say I'm tired the life is difficult I'll lose interest in everything and so on and they leave today but thinking about tomorrow and they like stability in everything especially in the relationships with a foreign man as a rule German women adore soft European men from Italy and Spain because they are considered as the best lovers in the world and especially in Germany as every other nationality German women like to try something you experimented with their relationships and they are also ready to move to another country for living of course if you make her interested in you but it's not simple as the most of men think because if you think you will be terminated in their relationships with the German woman you are absolutely wrong be ready in advance to do everything she says otherwise she will slap you in face or leave you alone forever so sometimes it is even dangerous to have a deal with German woman but if you like interesting and long blast in the relationships then you have to risk and try to date any girl in Germany everything I tell you is not a stereotype someone make after having visited Germany this is all is from my own experience and I must say it was cool experience I would like to go through once again but when you search for dating online despite it is very popular in Germany I wouldn't do that if I were you because all the photos you see in the profiles of women or girls sometimes they do not correspond to the appearance you see and meet in real life so keep it in mind and the last I want to share with you is my opinion about dating in Germany at all this country has totally changed for the last couple of years sometimes it is even hard to meet a real German girl because of many foreign girls who came and still come into Germany on study or just because of migration issues probably it's not bad because all the men have a bigger choice but on the other hand one cannot feel a real taste of German life unless you keep in touch with someone local so the success of dating in Germany depends directly on you how good you are I mean your character appearance life style and so on so keep this everything in mind if you really want to hook a German girl because this is a long process but relatively if you are successful in communication with other women then you will not have any problems to make an impression on any German lady don't forget to learn a little of German language in order to win more scores in her eyes so it was my opinion about dating a German woman thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe to my channel and watch more other interesting videos later

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