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5 Dating Hacks That Make Him Fall For You (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Grab a pen, grab some paper, because I'm about to give you five things that you can do in early stage dating that I think most people are not doing that will make someone fall for you much harder, and by the way, ladies, you are gonna love number five, because it is gonna save […]

Tips for dating on BUMBLE

Hey, I am Danielle Bruce the dating expert and the founder of awakened female Today, I'm going to give you some tips to take home and to apply it to your dating experience while using dating app similar to bumble, I know I've had the challenges of dating and the ups and downs and Not […] online dating tips: Do get consent, don’t make false claims or fake profiles

 An online dating platform has been spanked by the Competitions and Markets Authority as the UK government issued love match websites an etiquette guide for fair play  Venntro Media Group – which has about 3,500 websites targeted at specific interests, hobbies, localities, ethnicity or religion – was the subject of a probe by the CMA […]

Summer Dating Tips

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By the way, High School Dating Advice

D: Hi everybody! Today we're gonna be talking about relationships D: I know, I know, I know- S: -No you don't D: Why can't we talk about something fun D: But this will be fun! Because right now we're just about to listen to what Stephen has to say about relationships D: Go ahead, Stephen […]

DatingDoc Podcast | The Monopoly of Dating: Who Owns Your Matches

good afternoon good morning good week whenever you're watching this this is Chris the dating doc and I'm here with the dating doc podcast it is July 20 of 2018 and we got a good subject here at hand we're gonna talk about tinder versus Bumble okay and it's more specifically match group and what's […]

8 Dating Tips For Women Over 40

8 Dating Tips for Women Over 40 1 Make sure you’re truly ready According to the Pew Research Center, divorce rates have increased by 14% for adults between 40 and 49, and for adults over 50, the increase is 109% If you’ve just gone through a divorce or breakup, it’s probably best to not jump […]

DatingDoc Podcast | The Date – The Lost Art Of Dating

good afternoon good morning good day good week whatever time you're watching this is Chris the dating doc with the dating doc podcast so we're gonna talk about the date that's we're gonna talk about today the date and you're probably wondering okay well what do you mean the date well we talked about swiping […]

5 Infallible dating tips for single men

5 Infallible dating tips for single men For many single men, dating can be intimidating, especially on the first date after having chatted or on the phone for a long time with someone special If you do not know well what to do or how to act or simply if you are too anxious or […]

DatingDoc Podcast | Is Modern Feminism Helping or Destroying Dating?

it's August 3rd 2018 and I am Chris the dating doc in tonight's podcast is gonna be on feminism and dating before and they make sure you subscribe and hit YES on receiving notifications from the dating doc that way you don't miss out on the new videos we have coming along whether it's podcast […]