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14 Types Of Guys On Tinder | Tinder In India | Dating Tips 2018

and we are talking Tinder again! I love making videos related to online dating because you guys have given me an amazing response to all of them In case, you somebody who hasn't seen those videos I will link the entire online dating playlist somewhere here or here, so make sure you check it out! Also, if you're someone who doesn't like looking at my face (bad choice), I have written an article about 14 types of guys on tinder the link is in the description box below so help yourself! Also all these 14 boys I've either met them in person or interacted with them online or just saw way too many similar profiles

So yes, this entire video is based on genuine, personal and absolutely real experience And as for my video lovers let's talk about guy number one- The Ghost Now this guy doesn't upload his own photos it's either pictures of animals travel diaries or something like this It's a risk this talking to such guys because it could be a fake profile maybe he is someone is extremely insecure about himself or he's plain psycho Well, I took the risk of talking to one such guy and the reason I did that because his bio was very, very impressive

Well, he knew how to talk The guy was really smart Two days later, the conversation shifted to Whatsapp and he had uploaded his photo there And he was really good-looking, I was impressed looks brains everything And then he asked me my favorite color, I said it's olive green and two minutes later he uploaded a picture in an olive green shirt

I did not have the courage to talk to him again! If you're watching this video I don't even remember his name but yeah, two years later I still wondered did he get like a photo shoot wearing different colored t-shirts If the girl says pink pink so I will upload a picture in pink, if she says blue I will wear blue and if she says shirtless Anyway talking about guy number two now he's the out of league guy I mean the moment you look at him you're like good looks, good looks and good looks! He's so hot that you don't swipe right because you know all lines to this routes are busy! But you do imagine yourself with him in a Sabyasachi outfit! On number three, we have the guy who is not high on the looks department but well extremely high on attitude He will swipe right to you He might even superlike but he will never message you first because- girls run after dudes, dudes don't run after girls In case boys, you're wondering why girls don't ask men out I've made a video about it the link is here watch it! Number four we have the liar

Unless you are Sherlock Holmes you won't get to know about his lying habit but yes once you meet him you'll understand that his boy is a liar! Let me give you a personal example- I was talking to this guy who was really smart, funny and I was thoroughly enjoying the conversation and then he just randomly told me that he's six feet tall and I was like this is amazing! perfect! And then we met and he was when was when I am expected him to be Well, I am 5'11 but he was an inch taller than me

Between I am 5'6 ! Number five we have the sex addict! Now this guy doesn't see anything beyond the word sex In fact, he might have written in this bio 'if you are Tinder to find friends I am on Porn Hub to see if the plumber fixed the sink' He will judge you because you joined tinder to find friends or love and you're not into hookups and you he will hate because you won't let him CUM In fact, some of these guys might even ask you this question, 'do you live in a PG or do you live with your parents?' That's a very sly way of determining whether he will have to spend money on OYO or not! So let's talk about boy number six He recently broke up and he joined tinder because his friends were tired of listening to the sob story and he wanted to hear it from someone, 'my god! You are such a nice person how could anyone leave you?' Two signs to spot this guy- a) he will ask you questions like, 'do you believe in love?'Or why do people leave? b) in the same breath he will bitch about his ex and say,' I have moved on!' Trust me, it's a sign that you need to move on to the next guy because girl, you'll fall in love Learn from experienced people, these guys ruin your life

On number seven we have the Usain Bolt of tinder He is in extreme hurry! within the first three minutes of the conversation he will ask, 'so what do you want to meet for coffee in Starbucks around 5:00?' And you will be like, 'hello bro, my friends and I need at least two days to analyze our conversation stalk you on social media We haven't even spoken to each other on phone!' In case, you're somebody who doesn't mind meeting people within the first three minutes of the conversation, I made a video about 8 things to keep in mind before meeting you online date offline! Check out here! On number eight we have the guy who is poles apart from the Usain Bolt of tinder this guy doesn't want to meet and he will never meet you He is either too busy or maybe he's trying to lose or gain weight before he meets you or he believes in online friends Anyway, let's talk about boy number nine, he is like a catfish

He looks different in all his photos And all you do is think, 'did he click these picturs in different time periods?' But you secretly hope that he looks like his best picture! On number 10, we have the guy has only uploaded group photos And you are like, 'whom am I swiping right to?' Some guys are kind enough to mention in their bio that, 'I am the guy in red shirt' And you are like, 'honey you're not the guy in red shirt you are the guy who has too many hot friends! And since we're talking about photos let's talk about the eleventh character Now this guy has too many female characters in his pictures and even though you have not had a word with him you're already too possessive Bcause he is already out of your hands! On number tweleve, we have, talk to my soul guy

His bio will be extremely long and it will say things like let's talk about the constellations, life after life, the unknown, religion I can't talk about Taimur Ali Khan! Let's talk to each other's souls let's make love with our souls because body loses balance Tinder, can you please send this guy to an ashram?! Thanks! On number thirteen we have the guy who mentions his height, date of birth, sun sign, and he says things like, 'I am simple guy with a decent salary package He's here because he's trying to save himself from arranged marriage So Tinder it would be great if you could shift him to a matrimonial webiste? You will really help us! Thansk again! On the last spot, number 14 is the perfect guy Yes, he does exist

And if you both are smart both end up dating each other but if you're smarter you both end up putting each other in the bro zone or the friend zone and they're not too bad considering you're someone who's not looking for a relationship! Girls, there's a video on my channel in which I tell you that one perfect line which you can use every time a guy calls you a bro and it really irritates you Watch that video here Those were the 14 types of guys, I interacted with online and offline If you related to this video then make sure you give it a thumbs up! In case, I forgot a type that probably you interacted with then make sure you let me know in the comment section below and I will include it in the part 2 to of this video And as for boys, don't you worry I will definitely make a video where I'll talk about the types of girls on tinder

And before I leave, let me do what all youtubers are supposed to do- like, comment, share, subscribe Follow me on my social media and yes, I update my blog four times a week so please check the articles They are really interesting and I will see you guys next Monday I'll be a year older by then

Hopefully wiser!

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